Our story

Founded in 2016, NTRINSICSTUDIO is a brand made for the Australian social scene. 

Run and managed by a small, close-knit team we are available online as well as stocked in independent boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Offering effortless fashion that’s ready-to-wear for any occasion, our designs are made to flatter the feminine figure, and able to perfectly adapt to any social event, celebration or otherwise.

Speaking to creative women, we’re for the individuals who want to stand out from a crowd - not hide in the masses. Our customers have a sense of adventure, and although they love fashion they’re too busy enjoying life to be caught up in the trends everyone else is following. NTRINSICSTUDIO is a portal of discovery, a brush with which they can make their statement to the world. 

Our collections are alluring, sophisticated, and with a clean aesthetic, and our specialisation is in our fine-detailing using fabrics such as embroidery, lace and other speciality products. 

Our signature is to be high-quality, to be unflinching, and to be innovative. 

We don’t follow trends, we set them. 

x Antoria Wong, Managing Director

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